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Finding Me by Viola Davis

Finding Me is a gripping memoir. Davis doesn’t hold back from sharing. She gifts the world with a retelling of experiences many don’t dare speak of. She is daring and courageous which in itself lends to great applause.

A beautiful feature of any memoir is that as readers we know how things end–its about the journey. Likewise with Finding Me, I went on a journey with Auntie Viola–because I know her now. I was there with her running from boys that meant to cause her arm. I was there when she mustered a battle cry that stopped her father in his tracks, and I was there when she felt the push that came with having no more excuses not to chase her dreams.

Like any great aunt, Viola was sincere in her words, caring, and is helping change the world around her.

Read this book if: you enjoy non-fiction ‘how it started-how it’s going’ reads; you can handle some trauma–there’s a lot of it and it may be triggering; you love a reminder that good conquers all.

5 Stars- may read again.

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