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A Pocketbook Guide to Writing

This guide was written to share strategies for every aspiring writer. I've shared these strategies with students over the years and they have proven tried and true. They are now available in a concise form for every writer to begin their creative journey.

Student Writing
TCTELA 2022 Snip_edited_edited.jpg

TCTELA 2022 Conference Presentation

The TEKS now require students to listen, speak, and discuss metacognitively—but how? In these times of change, we must create spaces for students to grow in their ability to have conversations with one another, even the challenging ones. Join us in practicing discussions and walk away with strategies and protocols you can immediately implement in your classroom.

Katy ISD 2018 Literacy Summit Presentation

Students live in a digital world, and digital portfolios are a great way for students to display their learning and growth over time.  This presentation focused on Google Sites as an avenue for digital portfolios.

Student Doing Homework
Image by Alessandro Bianchi

iCamp 2022 Katy ISD

I was grateful to be asked to share some of the ways I use technology in the ELA classroom with fellow educators during summer professional development. This session provided an overview followed by hands-on time to learn the tools.

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